Anchor Dental, NS

Others will claim to have the ability to produce quality lab work on time.— Mueller’s Dental Arts Laboratory Inc. consistently fabricates restorations that have been crafted with the highest level of expertise. Their ceramics are second to none in terms of aesthetic perfection and overall integrity. However complex the case, restorative contour, interproximal contacts, occlusion,… Continue reading Anchor Dental, NS

M. Gorman Doyle, DDS MSD Cert. Pros.

I have worked with Mueller’s Dental Arts Laboratory since its interception and prior to that worked with Martin Mueller as dental technician on many often difficult cases. I found their lab work to be of the highest quality. They have been extremely helpful in discussing patient concerns and developing treatment options for patients I have… Continue reading M. Gorman Doyle, DDS MSD Cert. Pros.

Dr. Vernon Shaffner, Prosthodontist

The successful prosthodontic practice depends on a solid partnership between the clinical and laboratory phases. I have been fortunate to be able to work with Martin for the past 25 years. This relationship is dependent upon mutual respect and trust, both which Martin and I have with each other. Dr. Vernon Shaffner, Prosthodontist